I grew up in sunny Southern California in the city of Brea and moved to Arizona in 1992 after marrying my high school sweetheart, Rob, in 1990. I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher. It just took me much longer than I had planned!


 I ended up completing my schooling in Arizona.  After receiving my BA in Elementary Education, I taught for five years. I was then able to stay home with our two boys, Austin and Lucas. This is when I began keeping a journal with ideas for a children's book based on my sons. During that time, I completed my MA in Curriculum and Instruction while running an in-home preschool, which Austin perfectly named Apple Jacks! My sketches, ideas and rough drafts sat in a journal for years as I went back into the classroom.

I loved being back with my students and taught for several more years in grades first through fourth. My dream of becoming a published author began to become a clear vision after sharing my thoughts and ideas with a friend and colleague. With the support and encouragement of my husband, I took the leap! I finalized my book and found my publisher, Mascot Books. After looking through a few portfolios, I discovered my illustrator, Steve McGinnis. He made my story come to life and matched my vision perfectly! I  officially became a published author in May of 2017. Since the book's release, I decided to take a year off from teaching full time and share Goose and Moose with children through classroom and library visits.

Goose and Moose Visit the Beach teaches a lesson on caring and is the first in the series of adventures. Goose and Moose will be exploring the forest and find out they can conquer some fears and teach others to be brave as well.

Goose & Moose would LOVE to come visit you!  Fill out the contact form below and Stacey will get you on their visit schedule!


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